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Below is the link to the BOE site. All agendas and BOE minutes are posted there for you to read at your leisure. When it gets close to the time when there is a BOE meeting, you can go to the site to see the agenda.  

This is page with the minutes: http://www.oswego.org/districtpage.cfm?pageid=716
2018-19 OCTA Meetings 
Dear OCTA Members,

I hope all of you had a fulfilling and restful Thanksgiving break.

I am grateful for the opportunity to represent and work alongside such dedicated, influential, and supportive colleagues. Together we make a difference in the lives of more than 3,500 children EVERY DAY! This is a monumental undertaking, and yet it is simply “just another day” for us.

We have so many chances (each day) to make a child smile, to help a child reach his or her potential, or to brighten the futures and faces of those around us. I know some days are easier than others, and I’m thankful for those rare days that actually go as planned. For those days that don’t, I know that there are OCTA members on whom I can depend.

Being UNITED together as The Oswego Classroom Teachers Association gives me great pride. I hope you find this same sense of peace and pride, knowing that we have each other’s support. I am proud to be a part of the OCTA, and I hope you are too. I am grateful for our ability to unionize and to make a difference in the futures of the students we teach and in the profession we love. OUR OCTA is my second family, and I want you to know I am thankful for YOU.

In solidarity,

Carrie Patane
OCTA President

Kim LeRoy took over as OCTA grievance chair in 2018. Kim has worked for the OCSD for over a decade. Kim is currently the building librarian at  Minetto Elementary where she also serves as building president. Of unions, Kim says she is proud to help teachers gain a voice.
Gretchen Coakley stepped in as Negotiations Chair in 2018. Prior to this district level union position, she was a building rep and officer at Leighton Elementary. Gretchen has taught in the OCSD for 26 years. Gretchen got involved in the union to hear and share the voices of teachers striving to improve education for the students in Oswego.
Jenn Cahill has been a part of  your OCTA Board of directors for 13 years now, serving as leader of political action and external public relations. Mrs. Cahill says that the Oswego 
students are her first love, but that she also enjoys working with teachers.
This is Dan Rose’s 13th year on the OCTA Board of Directors in charge of internal public relations, new member council and website and newsletter design and distribution. Dan recognizes the importance of a strong labor union, and is working to keep the entire membership well informed.
OCTA treasurer Mike Patane brings his 19 years of math teaching experience and his love of numbers to your Board of Directors. Mike has been actively involved with your union for 13 years now. His numeric prowess is unmatched. Mike teaches 8th graders at the Oswego Middle School.
Michelle McManus took over as OCTA secretary in 2016. She is in her 20th year teaching at Leighton elementary. She has been a building rep for many years and is excited to take on a larger role within the union.
Monthly OCTA general membership meetings happen on the second Tuesday of each month at the OCTA office starting at 4:10- 122 A West 2nd St, Oswego, NY (the old Mary Jean's Alterations).  Have a question or concern for the OCTA officers or Board of Directors? Please use the 'Contact Us' box to the right to enter your question. We will address all questions at the next OCTA general assembly meeting, and the information will be disseminated through your building president, vice president or representative (see Building Officer / Rep list).